Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March 2011

1/3/11 -- Penthouse announces the launch of another first: Penthouse 3D – the first Pan European 3D formatted adult channel.

Regulations must support Digitisation

Digitalisation has become the main focus of the government now. TRAI has reacted to I&B Ministry’s comments on its earlier recommendations of the sunset dates and still feels that digitalization in the country can be implemented by December 2013. It is not so much setting the dates that will make us achieve the target, it is making supporting regulations that will encourage digitalization. 
The fact is that deferring the implementation in 2003, after making the law was the biggest mistake of the Government. We all know that it was done for political motives just before the elections but the damage it has done to the psyche of the MSOs and Cable operators has dissuaded them from investing more on up-gradation of technology. Now only thoughtful, encouraging and a firm regulation can make the process to move forward at desired speed. Any regulation made for the purpose should focus more on consumers than anything else because, if consumers accept digitalization in the right perspective, half the battle will be won. 

Can Infrastructure be Shared in Broadcasting Sector

Broadcasting Industry today has grown to an enormous size in the country. Each Distribution Platform Operator (DPO) retransmits on an ave...