Tuesday, 1 January 2013

January 2013

1/1/13 -- Describing the efforts of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry towards regulation of television as a ‘farce’ and the self-regulatory mechanisms as ineffective, MediaWatch-India has sent notice to Broadcast Content Complaints Council to expeditiously take action on certain issues raised by it or face action in a court of law.

End of the Analogue Era!

An eventful 2012 ends and a hopeful 2013 commences. The year 2012 started with the Phase-I of Digitisation and after seeding of about 6 million STBs in the four metros, Phase-II targets the next 38 cities in 2013. Whatever may be the manner of enforcing the law for mandatory digitisation and its immediate impact, there is no doubt that the long term effects of digitisation on the industry will usher in an era of continuous growth and happiness.
One thing is sure that once the teething problems are over, many non serious players will be on the path of extinction. Many operators and broadcasters have not prepared well for the future or have not visualized how the industry is shaping up. They will find it difficult to adjust with the changing scenario. Also many who joined the industry for a quick buck are going to get a shock of their life when complete transparency and power to consumers is realized.


We have entered the second phase of digitalization that includes 38 cities of million plus population. Everyone knows how the government has succeeded in introducing compulsory digitalization in the country, using its powers and clout in every which way. The whole process has worked in favour of the big players and the top 10% of the population.
Although it is well known that in many developed countries digitalization of Terrestrial TV was mandated and implemented as a national agenda for the benefit of the masses and also to save on spectrum that has become very precious resource as wireless is heavily in use in mobile communications, India has made an exception to digitalise cable networks run by private companies, forcing it down the throat of the masses even if they could not afford it.

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