Friday, 1 October 2010

May the Commonwealth Games be a Success

It is sad that Commonwealth Games which could have been the pride of the nation have become a national shame, what with blame of corruption, bad construction, delayed projects, falling bridges and snakes in the rooms. But one important aspect is that we are getting all the news from the news channels and the print media. As usual, is the media creating a negative hype to gain TRPs? The media has no big news these days other than the CW Games. Even some foreign participants have also commented that in every such big event, glitches exist but they are never hyped so much by the media as being done here. 
So far not much has been commented by the media on the broadcasting front. I wish some of the channels had done an in-depth study of the systems in place, particularly when it is the first time that live HD broadcasts will be made by India. Even the ministry does not speak about the event much perhaps, they are aware that hardly anyone in India will see the HD broadcasts. There are very few HD TV households and high cost of the HD STBs prohibit DTH and cable operators to distribute these to the subscribers. I wish the government could have done some thing in this regards to make the Games memorable for the Indian masses too. 

October 2010

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