Friday, 14 December 2007

Generation Xt TV

The Innomedia Technologies a Bangalore based company has launched a new set top box “Duo CHOISpad” with super bandwidth at "Digital Life" Exhibition of Computer Society of India, held in Bangalore from 29th Nov to 1st Dec 2007. It is a plug & play device with auto configuration and Multi Interactive Remotes called CHOIser. It also functions as a personal video recorder, and a device that can store up to a terabyte of data and a communication hub comes at the cost of about Rs 4000. A unique "Ethernet Everywhere" network, Netway, was developed for providing upto 100 Mbit bandwidth to each CHOISpad. Netway, network is an example of a disruptive technology, designed completely inhouse, which is ahead of any other network in the world. Duo CHOISpad Dual Mic can also be used with mono-mixing and together as stereo mic .The Duo CHOISpad caters simultaneously to a High Definition TV (HDTV) and a Standard Definition TV (SDTV), at a price point which no home can resist. 
Only one set top box is needed for home that can be connected to different equipments like headphone, mic, television etc. It can also be used in classrooms for educational purpose with CHOIS Extensions. Multiple CHOIser can also be used for voting, quizzes, games etc. Mohan Tambe, MD of Innomedia said “it's a technology that supports the ultimate convergence of devices, be it cable, TV, computer, telephone or internet. It decongests the network forever. We see a global market for this technology as everyone wants to move in a single control regime. We have indigenously developed the software, hardware and the content for it”. 
Special Features of the Duo CHOISpad 
*Dual TV (HD +SD)
*Dual Audio (SPDIF + Stereo)
*Dual Mic (PC Mic + Professional Mic)
*Dual Phones (with 4 Party Conference)
*Dual Disk (Internal ATA + External SATA)
*Dual IR Dome (Internal + External)
*Dual IR Transceivers in a IR Dome
*Dual External & Dual Internal USB Sockets
*Dual Digivideo Attachment (eg. Digicable + DTH)
*Dual Mounting (Table Top & Wall Mounting) with Dual Orientation.


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