Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008, An Year of Hopes

The year 2008 starts with great hopes. If 2007 was the year of regulations, 2008 will be an year of implementation of new technologies. We saw the launch of Digital Cable with CAS, Mobile TV, IPTV and WiMax trials in the year 2007, the year of Broadband. The start was lackluster but it generated a lot of interest and hopes for the New Year. The real reason behind the hesitant start is the fear of competition in the age of convergence. Both, the broadcasting sector as well as the telecom sector are wary of each other taking the lead in the converged environment. Where as the telecom sector comprising of the giant companies with international reach could dare to venture into new fields without even the regulations in place(like in IPTV, Mobile TV and WiMax), the fragmented broadcasting sector was too much confused by the sudden spurt of regulations to do something out of the way. Sometimes, I feel the regulations have a smothering effect and curb creativity. 
Too much control is also not good like we saw in the case of CAS in cable networks. We made it look like the Mount Everest where very few climbers would reach. The real proliferation of convergence will come not by creating a competition between Telcos and Cable Networks but by amalgamation of the two. Unfortunately, neither TRAI nor the cash rich Telcos think of this. The result is none of them have reached anywhere. 
The new year definitely brings hopes. In spite of the I&B Minister, Sh. Priyaranjan Dasmunsi stating that the big corporates are holding back the Broadcasting Bill, he is hopeful of a content regulation in the new year. 
We are hopeful of TRAI succeeding in bringing the Non-CAS areas under some kind of regulatory control in spite of resistance from the broadcasters. 
We are hopeful of DTH companies introducing MPEG-4 based transmission and initiating HDTV service, the future of television. 
We are hopeful of telcos finding a solution to ride on the lastmile of 75 million Cable TV connections to supply broadband triple play services to the masses. 
We are helpful of at least 100 new channel launches to carry the channel count to 400. 
At Cable Quest, we are hopeful of presenting you the best and the most authentic industry journal in a new avtar to keep you readers abreast with the latest in technologies and the global market. We appreciate the involvement of our readers in updating us on their needs and hopes and thank them a ton for the feedback. It is this regular interaction that keeps us miles ahead of the competition. 
Cable Quest team thanks all readers for their support and wishes a great, happy and hopeful New Year for their personal as well as career life. 

—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma


Source: http://cablequest.org/articles/editorials/item/1820-2008,-an-year-of-hopes.html

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