Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Industry in an Accelerated Mood

Month of March always keeps us busy. Companies care less on productivity and more on investments. It is a time of stock taking and planning for the future, both financial as well as production. May be, This is the reason that we have the major industry events held in this month. The month started with the CABSAT at Dubai followed by Convergence India in Delhi and CCBN at Beijing. CABSAT focuses on the television studios and production whereas Convergence India focuses on the telecom services and CCBN on Cable and Satellite. All of them have become “Must attend” shows for the serious professionals in the industry because we find the launch of new technologies and methodology to adopt them for our future expansion / upgradation in these shows. 
This time CABSAT showcased High Definition Television and it was IPTV and Mobile TV at the Convergence with digitalization techniques at CCBN. Overall the experience was great. Every year the number of Indian professionals visiting these shows increases indicating infusion of new energy in the industry, a healthy trend. 
There was another show FICCI Frames 2008 at Mumbai held at the fag end of the month which focused on film and television content and had best of the crowd attending it. 
So the ball has been set rolling for the new technologies in these shows. Keeping up with all this and continuing their fervor to organize the industry soonest, TRAI is also not leaving any stone unturned. They have already floated three consultation papers-for other Entities to enter Broadcasting, Revision of FDI limits in the industry and for Restructuring of Cable TV Industry. All of them are very important for us and maximum comments should be sent by us to help TRAI take every one’s view to frame practical and reasonable regulations. Also, there is an effort being made by the I&B Ministry for rationalizing of the stake holders last month. Ministry has also started discussion on rationalizing entertainment tax levied, by the states and providing ‘Right of Way’ to the operators. Both these issues are very important and committees have been formed to discuss the same. 
DTH battle is getting hotter with entry of Reliance. HITS may start rolling soon. BIS has already started the process of taking new technologies like MPEG- 4 in their STB standards. Digital cable is making calculated advances in the industry. 
Overall, it is an excellent start to the new financial year and we wish everyone the best. 

—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma


Source: http://cablequest.org/articles/editorials/item/1817-industry-in-an-accelerated-mood.html

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