Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Right of Way

The broadcasters may shout on top of their voice that they can self-regulate themselves and do not require any intervention from the government, it has been proved time and again that they are not yet matured enough to do that. The rising competition amongst ever increasing number of TV channels has brought under scanner the objectionable, vulgar and violent content being dished out unabated by these channels to increase their TRP’s and ad revenues. The government is worried about this and issuing warning after warning every month but there is no end to this game and the government has been forced to bring the content as well as the TRP system under a regulatory regime.
The Arushi murder case is one such incident which has been exploited by all news channels last month. Woman and Child Welfare Minister Renuka Chowdhary had to oppose making of a serial on the case by Balaji Television to be telecast on Star Plus. I&B Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi had to ask the Star Plus management not to exploit the situation. Court had to tell the news channels not to become the judge themselves and mislead the public, hampering the process of justice. 

In another case Court had to pull up news channels for interviewing parents of a minor girl, a rape victim where her identity became public, much against the existing law of the land. Now the Child Welfare Ministry is investigating the mal-effects of reality shows involving small children on the request of an NGO. 
I&B Ministry has issued notice to India News Channel on an obscene MMS shown allegedly with Arushi, a murder victim, doubting her character. 
Another underwear advertisement has been pulled off-air after being declared obscene and suggestive. All the above depicts how irresponsible our television media has become in its race for higher TRP’s. 
I&B Ministry has off late, become very active to speed up the regulatory process. Two more sub committees have been formed and their first meeting held last month; one for rationalizing the entertainment tax and the other for regulating the ‘Right of Way’ for the Cable TV Industry. 
The IPTV operators have started feeling the heat of the pay channel, what the cable industry has been facing since last 14 years; all of them have asked TRAI to regulate the pay channel prices at the earliest and make it at par with the CAS areas and DTH so that their services can take off in a viable manner. TRAI has also pulled up MSM (SET) over differential pricing of their pay channels. 
Inspite of the inflation , country’s economy is doing fine with GDP going up to 9% growth for which ASSOCHSM, the industry body felicitated the Finance Minister Sh P Chidambram. This is a good sign for the industry. Now the minister has been asked to help growth of manufacturing sector. 
Broadcast Asia 2008 showcased a number of new technologies this time including HDTV and WiMAX . We bring to you a briefon some the new products. 
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—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma


ource: http://cablequest.org/articles/editorials/item/1814-right-of-way.html

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