Monday, 1 December 2008

Keep Up The Morale

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai has left us shattered and angry. Hope we can get over this tragedy soon. This tragedy is very different from many others we had seen in our country because firstly it lasted pretty long and secondly the Television Media gave us a feel of it all 24x7 for the 60 hours and still continue to do so let us pray for all those who gave their life for the country and who lost their life in such a mindless act. When the US financial melt down started two month ago, we were given the impression that India was not much affected. When the sensex crashed for the first time, we were still given the impression that Indian banks were safe and business would go on as usual. However, very soon the malaise spread allover, first the inflow of FDI installments to many companies was stopped . Then we saw companies cutting down on their expenses. Many employees lost their jobs, Even some CEOs were given the pink slips. And now the studio workers are on a strike demanding higher wages. This has halted the production business in the industry resulting in heavy losses. Trai has given their recommendations on the entry of other entities in Broadcasting. If cleared by the government, this would annoy many political parties and state governments who either already had such ventures or are planning to start one because TRAI has not recommended political parties and religious organizations to get in to broadcasting. Even the ARASU cable network started by Tamilnadu government recently will have to be wound up. Content code is once again in the lime light with the Supreme Court directing the government to submit a code on the lines of a draft submitted by the IBF. This subject was also discussed in the FOCUS 2008, a summit on the business of entertainment organized by ASSOCHAM last month. Mrs Sushma Singh, in her inaugural speech in that summit talked about every issue being considered by the government including HITS, IPTV, DTH etc but was quiet on implementation of CAS in cable TV. I think the government does not have the will to do it or they are under immense pressure by some lobby to keep the issue pending under some excuse or the other. TDSAT also held a seminar in Ranchi on the subject of consumer complaint redressal in the broadcast and telecom industry. It has promised to spend its own funds for hepling small and rural area cable operators to fight their cases. Good news in the last month was NDS announcing the investment of 150 million dollars in India to enhance their presence in every field, when all other companies were cutting down on their investments. 

—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma



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