Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Aimed at providing inflation-linked adjustments in tariff ceilings, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on 26th Dec' 08 announced a seven per cent increase for cable TV services in CAS and non-CAS (conditional access system) areas and a reduction in the security deposit and monthly rental for set-top boxes in CAS areas.
With a seven per cent rise, the ceiling of MRP of pay channel has been increased to Rs. 5.35 per pay channel per month at the subscriber end (excluding taxes), and the basic service tier may cost up to Rs. 82 a month to the consumer (excluding taxes). At the existing tariff, the ceiling was at Rs. 5 (excluding taxes) per pay channel and Rs. 77 (excluding taxes) per month for the basic service tier consisting of a minimum 30 free to-air channels in the CAS notified areas.

The tariff amendment order for the CAS areas provides for a reduction in the security deposit and monthly rental for set-top-box that has been necessitated by a fall in the STB prices.
The service providers are required to offer two schemes one with a security deposit of Rs. 200, down from the existing Rs. 250, and a monthly rental of Rs. 34, down from Rs. 45; and the other with a security deposit of Rs. 750 (Rs. 999) and a monthly rental of just Rs. 22 (Rs. 30).
The new tariff plans will be applicable from January 01, 2009, according to a TRAI statement.


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