Monday, 20 July 2009

Value Addition Through Superior Subscriber Management and Billing

Today’s Pay TV provider requires tremendous flexibility with the right amount of control in order to stay competitive and deliver value to customers. Using the right Subscriber Management and Billing solution is crucial in order to achieve this. Duo Software has deployed Subscriber Management Solutions (SMS) that deliver these critical factors to leading Pay TV providers. Some of the key factors in Duo Software’s solution that have made it a high value product that has contributed to Pay TV providers’ success are discussed below:
Detailed and Flexible Promotion Planning:
The provider needs to be able to deliver customer requirements on demand while planning based on market trends and events. Duo’s SMS provides the pay TV provider with an extensive Promotion Planning module where they can create their packages and promotions in an extremely flexible manner in order to delight their customers. The provider is empowered with the capability of packaging the entire solution provided to the customer which includes hardware, base channels, a la carte and all other services. Flexible assignment of each of these items along with allocation of various payment plans, availability periods and contractual parameters.
This enables providers to be sensitive to customer needs as well as market pressures and trends. Customers can be given the best possible deal while ensuring that the organisation has complete oversight as to what is being offered.

Comprehensive Inventory Management:
Including comprehensive inventory management with your Subscriber Management Solution is crucial in order to streamline management of resources and control a wide network of distributors and Local Cable or Service operators. DuoSubscribe empowers providers with the facility to map and allocate their inventory across their distribution network and provide control by ensuring appropriate access levels. This enables providers to have central control over its inventory while ensuring that flexible allocation can be done.
The availability of delivery planning and scheduling capability further enables monitoring and management of stock in transit and stocks delivered to each client.

Fastest Billing platform:
DuoSubscribe has set itself apart by making available the world’s fastest billing system for the pay TV industry. DuoSubscribe has the capability of processing over 1 (one) million subscriber bills within 24 (twenty four) minutes. This ensures that generation of bills is a breeze and enables the provider to use time which was previously spent on bill processing on more productive activities.

It is crucial that Pay TV providers are always prepared to scale up their operation in order to accommodate a greater number of subscribers. When scaling up it is crucial that your SMS is scalable as well. DuoSubscribe is a highly scalable solution which empowers the provider to scale up and even distribute its operation over a wide geographical area. DuoSubscribe ensures that scaling up has no impact on current operations and provides the operator with complete overview of the extent and capability of the scaled up solution.

The modern day Pay TV business has a vast number of internal stakeholders and users. It is important that only relevant parties have access to specific information on your SMS. DuoSubscribe provides extensive security which can control up to the visibility of information in a specific field to certain parties. This enables the provider to have a strong and flexible security structure which ensures that the right people have access to the right information. CAS Interfacing:
Duo Software carries out extensive CAS interfacing which enables the provider to control certain CAS functions via the Subscriber Management System. The provider enjoys the flexibility of carrying out the interfacing between the CAS services and SMS required for the pay TV operation in order to eliminate the complexities in communicating directly with the CAS.
Duo Software through its pioneering product DuoSubscribe has redefined the way Pay TV providers operate and deliver service and value to their subscribers. DuoSubscribe continues to evolve in order to provide greater value to service providers by keeping in tow with industry trends and requirements along with the latest technological developments.


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