Saturday, 1 August 2009

Are We Serious About Digitalisation?

Our government is a paradox. On one hand it plans to spend crores of Rupees on WiMax technology to enable the rural areas to use broadband and on the other hand it propagates BSNL, the failing public sector giant. Also encouraging alternate technologies like DTH and HITS in the name of digitization of the broadcast and cable industry to achieve faster results. 
This, to me is a myopic way of thinking. The seriousness of the government regarding digitalization seems half hearted. Recent budget came with a thunder but, brought no monsoon. This special issue endeavors to bring forth all the information regarding digitalization, problems faced by the industry and the solutions. We also carry special articles to update the readers with GST, Wireless technologies like WiMax and Satellite for broadband services and their inability to meet future demands of bandwidth. The world is thinking of providing gigabits to each home and we are just stuck on 256 kbps. Fiber and co-ax can get the job done and we have enough in the cable TV networks. Telco get tax sops and subsidies to provide IPTV and broadband services. But what is the outcome? Do we actually want to digitalise Cable TV? We have witnessed countries like Korea, Japan and US using broadband to empower the people with information and knowledge. Its Economic benefits can not be undermined. But we need to channelise our efforts in the right direction. 

Unfortunately actual issues are sidelined and the work done is more on paper than in deed. The more we delay, the more we lag behind. 
US has already finished their process of digitization in June this year. Analog will become obsolete in the next five years but since 2002, we are still in the planning stage. 
Cable Operators though the pioneers in bringing the international channels to the remotest areas and also making our economy global much earlier still loom in the dark. When the cable TV revolution commenced in 1990 the teledensity was only 2 %. But, today we are one of the fastest growing economies in the world. To strengthen the existing resource of cable TV networks in a more focused manner rather than bring changes through hurriedly drafted policies is the need of the hour. 
IBC fair begins in September at Amsterdam. Singapore witnessed India Shining, hope the sheen continues. As their media partners from India, we promise to be back with all the details. 
As readers enjoy this special issue we wait for their feedback, criticism and suggestions. For Cable Quest strives for perfection. 

Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day 

—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma



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