Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Media Changing the Infotainment Scene

This Diwali has been nice for the markets as economic progress continues. Industrial production has gone up by 10.4% giving hopes of better GDP (above 6%) by the year end. Stock markets have performed very well, beyond expectations, jumping from 7,000 mark to 17,000 in one year... all speaks well of the coming times.
The IDNS summit held in New Delhi brought out excellent results for the broadcasting industry. Particularly, the DTH sector which has added more than a million subscribers in the last month, making its subscriber base cross a figure of 16 million. But as per the projections, the cable TV sector is also expected to do well with a lot of public as well as foreign money being pumped into the major MSOs through IPOs and FDIs and plans to cover more cities with digital cable before the Commonwealth games kick off. 

With Airtel Bharti commencing a converged service billing to their existing IPTV customers may do well for them. Meanwhile, MyWay is speeding up its activities with their value added services with BSNL networks in 54 cities. We hope this financial year will bring in better results for IPTV and broadband which have been lagging behind so far. This will give a fillip to the New Media domain, where the content producers are looking at have an early mover advantage. 
This issue highlights the New Media Technologies and their prospects. Already a number of movies are being streamed in VOD packages on DTH, IPTV and Internet. The New Media Technologies also counter the DVD piracy market. DTH companies are pro-active in this kind of selling through their VOD packages. 
Podcasting and Mobile TV have notpicked up well in the country since the technologies such as 3G and WiMax which bring faster broadband speeds and downloads are still at a nascent stage. Although 3G spectrum auctions have been delayed a bit, BSNL has gone ahead with their commercial launch. They have also called for bids for the WiMax towers for their broadband to its Rural Market's project. While introducing the New Media Technologies we cover the difference between WiMax & 3G. 
The I&B Ministry is going slow on registering new channels as they feel many non-serious players are getting into the market and are spoiling the show with their irresponsible act. Many have not even started after registration. Ministry is also in no mood to tolerate violation of programming and advertising codes and many channels continue to get their warnings and advisories. 
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—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma



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