Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I & B’s Future Strategy

I & B Ministry has made its strategic plan for the next five years which is placed on Ministry's Website. In the SWOT analysis carried out by the Ministry there are more 'Weaknesses' than 'Strengths'. Also, The solutions given or the actions to be implemented are more of a paper work which gets repeated every five years rather than some solid points on which action can be taken. Most of the planning pertains to the Public Broadcasters who, in any case spend more and output less. We are yet to see their projects of DTT & Mobile TV started many years ago, taking off for the masses. Their HD project started during CW Games although operational, is hardly visible because of dearth of FTA HD STBs and high cost of HDTVs. I Don't think any content is being produced in HD by Doordarshan. 
IBF, the apex body of Television broadcasters has finally come up with its self regulatory mechanism forming a Broadcasting Content Complaint Council (BCCC) headed by a former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court. The only hitch is that less than fifty broadcasters out of 600 plus are members of IBF and some of them are news broadcasters who are not governed by these self regulations as NBA the News Broadcasters Association has made the self regulatory code for them and also has its own complaint redressal committee. 
Regional broadcasters have also formed their association recently as they don't wish to align with IBF. Here again, the body has come up because broadcasters don't appear government to interfere in their affairs and the government does not have the courage to pull up this powerful lobby. Many of them are active politicians or support a political party. 
Announcement of digitalization deadlines by the Ministry has brought in some positive results. Major MSOs like DEN, Hathway, DIGICable and InCable have started planning to invest in value added services, high definition and broadband. Hope the government does not slow down once again in supporting the industry. 
A task force has also been made headed by the Additional Secy. to chalk out a road map for digitalization and also resolve various issues to expedite the process. The task force had its first meeting recently and things appear to be moving in the right direction. 
Television Media is very busy these days as a number of TRP attracting events have occured in the recent past. World Cup, IPL, Osama’s death, Royal Wedding all were a boon to the News Channels. 

—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma




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