Friday, 1 July 2011

Taiwan, a nation to Emulate

Last Month I had an opportunity to visit Taiwan, a tiny island country and was amazed to see such a small country supplying best of the technology products to the whole world. Their share of the world market in PCs, Smartphones, LCDs etc is so impressive that one wonders how could a country with just 23 million population achieve so much. It is the sheer determination to keep themselves ahead of the world that keeps them working hard.Their success in the world of electronics is purely because of their strong R&D infrastructure which has lead them to have several patents in technology that rules the modern world. 
This month we are also focusing subscriber management and billing systems and customer related issues. These systems are very essential in the process of digitalisation and also to introduce transparent and better customer relations . Our endeavour is to inform our readers about all facts of digitalization so that they get mentally prepared to meet the government deadlines when they are finally notified. 
Broadcast Asia, Asia’s biggest trade show for broadcast and communications technologies was held last month at Singapore. This time Broadcast Asia and Communic Asia were held at two different venues and inspite of that there was no dearth of visitors. The focus this time, was on new media and 3DTV. Now you don’t have to wear the polarised glasses to view 3DTV. Not only on TV, 3D is now available on mobiles too. Hybrid TV and OTT are the other technologies becoming popular. 
Trend is to provide the customer the content when he wants and where he wants. Even multiple platform file transfer solutions are galore in the market now. This has opened up new vistas of revenue generation for the content producers. 
TV channels went overboard last month reporting Baba RamDev’s protest fast against corruption 24x7, making one wonder if these channels had no other news. We could get minute to minute details of his pulse, blood pressure and temperature on the screen which made many viewers switch off their TVs in anguish or change to non-news channels. But I wonder why none of the News Channels carried the news about protest by more than 10000 cable operators of Tamil Nadu on 7 June 2011 in Chennai. God knows, why do we have so many news channels? Anyway, one more news channel, GNN News has been launched last month and another Express News has commenced their trials. 

—— Lt. Col. (Retd.) K K Sharma


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