Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blatant Violations of Content Codes

Seven legs of the election process are already over and in another twenty days we will see the party that will make the next government.
The media hype created by BJP for its Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi, gives the impression BJP may form the government  emerging to be  the biggest party in the next parliament. 
So far, the battle between BJP and the Congress is hogging the limelight in the media, particularly the television media. As  far as BJP is concerned the number of advertisement on major  TV channels and the programmes run by channels on Narendra Modi indicate that the  party has spent a huge amount in its promotion on television although Party has denied it. Not only this the amount of coverage each news channel  gives to the party’s campaign give an impression that all TV news channels are under some obligation to uplift the image of Narendra Modi and BJP. 
The election commission has issued directions to the media many times, but it doesn’t appear to be making any impact. One wonders, why all the major news channels are highlighting Modi, when it is the Congress led UPA govt that abstained from regulating the television media in the last ten years  and has always been soft with them for any violation of the existing laws including Ad Cap.  This situation may not be very good for the industry in the long run as setting wrong precedences.
Its all quite on the digitalization front and neither we hear the news of registration of new MSOs for Phase III and IV nor we hear from the ministry constituting task force for these two phases and showing any serious attempt to finish the task in the deadline of 31st December 2014.
Cable Association of Madhya Pradesh has been successful in getting its plea admitted in the Madhya Pradesh High Court challenging TRAI’s  Interconnect regulation and Tariff Order for DAS that have jeopardized their livelihood. 
After a number of complaints made by COFI and independent MSOs, Ministry has started a weekly open house for discussing problems of MSOs who are applying  for DAS Registration. The meeting will be held in the Ministry every Tuesday from 11:00-12:00 am.
It is a good news that Media Pro, the Distribution JV of Star and Zee Turner havs decided to split in compliance with the TRAI notification on aggregators and distribution of channel packages.  However, many in the industry fear that new packages may also be made in a way to exploit the market.

Source: http://cablequest.org/articles/editorials/item/4838-blatant-violations-of-content-codes.html
Source: http://cablequest.org/articles/editorials/item/4838-blatant-violations-of-content-codes.html

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