Thursday, 11 September 2014

States are ignorant of DAS Regulations- Assam Operators tell Prakash Javadekar

In Assam there are more than 40,000 individuals involved either directly or indirectly involved in Cable TV Industry. Since Assam is already considered to be an industrially backward region, the scope of employment for educated unemployed youths is also very negligible. The political, economical situation of this region has resulted in the unemployment of large numbers of educated youths. But the Cable TV Industry has been able to create self employment for thousands of educated unemployed youths in the last decades although without any government patronage.
In a meeting with the I&B Minister on 08 August Cable Operators of Assam lead by the Association President Mohd. Iquebal Ahmed gave a memorandum listing out their problems and told him that over the years, the number of MSOs has reduced as Ministry has not been considerate towards allowing small cable operators continue with their business anymore.  
The saddest part is absence of any authority at state level to monitor or implement the provisions of Cable TV or TRAI ACT. A vehement violation by Broadcasters or MSO of rules & regulations has to be challenged by coming to Delhi by the LMO, LCO. Small operators are virtually out of business due to this factor without getting any justice. The operators although run from pillar to post for justice, the Local administration is incapable to solve the issues either due ignorance of the laws or shortfalls of CABLE TV & TRAI ACT. The only option left to the smallest operator is to approach TDAST or compromise at local level in mercy of opponent. Justice is denied.
a)To take up with State Government for initiating steps for proper implementation of the provisions of CABLE TV & TRAI ACT.
b)To take up with TRAI to conduct seminars & training program in remote areas of Assam.
c)To instruct State Government to constitute a task force for implementation of rules & regulations of TRAI, DAS, CABLE TV Act in proper sense in field comprising of all the stake holders.
e) To take measures for setting up branch of TRAI, TDSAT in Guwahati for convenience of all stake holders including the smallest operator of North East so that justice is ensured to everyone.
f)To take up with Broadcasters of Pay Channels for providing special discounted rates for pay channels for entire North East & defense personnel.
g)To give special tax rebates with financial aid to small operators for improving Networks, setting up own Digital Head Ends & purchasing Set Top Box for free installation in respective Networks.
h)To immediately take measures to check the illegal activities of MSOs operating Digital Service in Assam & North East, who are not complying with the regulations of TRAI. No warranty, guarantee, money receipts of STB are provided in many cases.
i)Last but not the least; Assam & North East is an industrially backward area lacking ample employment scope for the educated youth resulting in the grim law & order situation of the region. A special scheme or drive should be initiated by the Ministry to protect the cable TV industry which is generating self employment & service to common consumer in remote areas.



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