Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Challenges and opportunities in Digital Ecosystem

IREVO founder  Dhimant expresses his views on the new Digital ecosystem developing  for content delivery

The Opportunity
Over the past few years we have seen some fundamental changes in consumer devices and infrastructure ecosystem; such as transition to Digital Set top Box, LED / LCD TV, Smartphones, Tablets and Broadband proliferation. Access to entertainment content (Youtube, etc.), social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and Apps (Google Play Store and Apple App Store) via internet has become a mainstream activity or demand. These changes are creating an ecosystem with devices and platforms like Apple TV with iTunes, Android TV with Google Play and iRevo SmartTV with iRevo Cloud that enables delivery of entertainment content, social media and Apps to the masses; over public Internet. 

The ecosystem for such devices and services powered by these Cloud supported devices is developing rapidly. For successful delivery of such products and services requires New User Interfaces on TV (10 Feet UI) for accessing, playing and sharing media and running apps on HDTV with Lean-Back user experience. The challenges and opportunities are created to provide localized curated content aggregation and app delivery to these devices for access via remote control or multiscreen apps such as searching for a video on a tablet and playing on TV. It will no longer be enough to provide apps and EPG (TV program guide) as consumers will be influenced by social networks as to what they watch and share; the term Social TV is emerging in the West and with the popularity of Social Media in India, it has a potential to become a mainstream in a coming year or two!

Meeting the challenges
iRevo Multimedia has developed an iRevo Cloud Platform that enables curated entertainment content aggregation and management, application integration and delivery that integrates social media services. The platform supports delivery of managed services via iRevo SmartTV Box and iRevo PlayCast App for Smartphones and Tablets. iRevo Cloud supports User Management on SmartTV Box and Smartphones as well as remote management of the device. The Company has built an integrated Desktop, App and Web Access environment that is called WebTop. WebTop makes it easy to access personal or internet content, run popular apps and browse internet seamlessly and with unprecedented ease on big screen (TV) from a single User Interface. To access the same content and apps on SmartPhones and Tablets iRevo offers PlayCast application. Besides the content access on the go, it enables users to use their SmartPhone as a Remote Control.  PlayCast incorporates TelePlay feature that supports interactive multi-screenuse case where content is accessed or searched on mobile device and played on TV. TelePlay also enables playing of photos, videos and music stored on mobile device to TV.

iRevo Multimedia, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley as Triveni Multimedia in early 2008 and built a Set Top Box that delivered High Definition TV broadcast + DVR with capability to access Web and LAN based Internet and Personal content on Television. The device was dubbed WebTop and it was built with a low power, low cost x86 CPU running Linux or Windows Embedded with a Web Browser as a rendering engine. HDTV Decoding was supported using Broadcom HD decoder chip. In May of 2009, the Company renamed itself as iRevo Multimedia, Inc. With the US economy in its worst recession, iRevo focused on developing newer technologies that further extended the ecosystem in to mobile devices that are powered by iRevo Cloud software. Over the Past two years, the Company is focused on exclusively catering to Indian market with localized content.
Source: http://cablequest.org/articles/digitization/item/6917-challenges-and-opportunities-in-digital-ecosystem.html

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