Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chinese Cable Networks set an Example with Triple Play

By Mr. Yanjun
CTO, Chengdu Guangda
The so-called “Triple Play” policy means the convergence of three distinct network services coming together as one integrated service platform,an integrated Information & Communication network of telecom, TV broadcast and internet networks. The main purpose of Triple Play is to share network resources and to avoid extra unnecessary construction. Forming a high speed multimedia platform, that is flexible, low cost and easy to maintain.
As the traditional unicast structure, which existed in the China cable TV network for many years did not meet the demand as a basic multimedia platform; in recent years almost all local CATV operators across China have, with renewed effort, constructed bi-directional networks. The CATV bi-directional network structure also has 3 layers including core, aggregation and access compared with other broadband service networks, the only difference is the access method. Same structure is used for data services by any type of network including household access, aggregation of data stream and trunk transmission. 
 Government policy in China was framed to remove all obstacles for CATV operator to enter into the IP service market where only Telecom operators were operating. This helped the cable operators to invest in broadband infrastructure so that they can compete with the telecom operators providing IP&TV and VOD services to subscribers as soon as possible. 
There are 3 popular solutions in the domestic market: 
1.CMTS+CM- is for Docosis and widely exist in the CATV networks in developed countries as it was born early with expensive system. 
2.EPON+EoC is ideal for HFC networks where Fiber and co-ax cables are used.
3.Ethernet switch- This is the popular access method for UTP cable.  
CMTS+CM technology was the most widely used before 2008, but in recent years it has shifted to the EPON+EoC technology, which has distinct positive traits in throughput volume. Ethernet switch access method only exists in some areas because its network is difficult to modify.
The Triple Play converged network has the capability to support 3 business services: the voice service provided by the telecoms network, the television service provided by the broadcast network and the broadband data service provided by the internet network. At this stage, due to an already saturated market for fixed line telephone services in China, most local CATV operators are only concentrating on TV, VoD (Video on Demand) and broadband data services. Market feedback shows that the new business model has been widely accepted by subscribers and has become the driving force for CATV ope rators increased revenue in China.
CMTS+CM technology was the most widely used before 2008, but in recent years it has shifted to the EPON + EoC technology, which has distinct positive traits in throughput volume.
For India market, it is necessary to rebuild the one way network for bi-directional purpose first. Like in India HFC architecture existed in China too, hence upgrading it to EPON-EoC architecture did not cost much. EPON is for fiber transmission and EoC is for the last 500 mtrs coax cable transmission.


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