Thursday, 10 April 2014

Customised Solutions for ISP Infrastructure

The Challenge
Ever since the role of internet has evolved from simple information exchange to multi-service field such as high quality audio & video online streaming, video conferencing, HDTV, storage on cloud, voice & data transmissions, the demand for high speed internet has been growing at an exponential pace. To ensure such high speed internet and deliver more value added services without disruption, successful Broadband ISPs have been planning to improve their last-mile network infrastructure.
However, network devices that are vulnerable to frequent power outages, intermittent power fluctuations and device thefts in last-mile cause high network downtime and largely affect ISPs subscriber base. With accelerated subscriber rate and increased demand for value added non-stop services, the need for a scalable and reliable infrastructure to ensure a highly available network has become more crucial than ever before.
Volktek’s Solutions
A team of expert engineers of Volktek researched on ISPs challenges and innovated the best networking solutions that played a key role in their success. Keeping their challenges and requirements in mind, Volktek designed a future-proof and high performance network setup implementing ring topology instead of daisy chain for redundancy. Protection level against voltage fluctuations and lightning damages improved and facilitated battery backup with quick charging capability. 
This leads to designing three types of switches. Aggregator level MEN-6532 and MEN 5314 and MEN-4210.  
At Aggregation level, MEN-6532 connects to the core network with its 4-Gigabit combo uplinks and easily connects up to 24 devices with its 24 multi-rate (100/1000Base SX/LX) SFP downlinks. Further, MEN-6532 connects to MEN-5314 aggregation switch, which in turn connects up to 12 access level devices with its 12-100FX SFP downlinks. Adding MEN-5314 increases reachability and enables ISPs to implement ring topology for a redundant and high performance network. At access level, MEN-4210 delivers 10Mbps and above speeds per port when connected to 100FX uplink and delivers 15Mbps and above speeds per port when connected to Gigabit uplinks. ISPs can initially deploy 100FX and then migrate to 1Gbps for higher bandwidths by simply replacing SFP modules.
Two Gigabit uplinks of MEN-4210 enables ISPs to implement ring topology for redundancy and increases reliability of the network. SFP ports eliminate the need of media converters for long distance transmissions and multi-rate ports provide greater flexibility in upgrading your network bandwidths and enables ISPs to offer packages with more value added services. World-class chipsets are integrated into these devices for high switching performance, and by enabling device lock feature, the switch will not function in any network other than its configured network and reduces device thefts in last-mile.
ISPs Success
Evidently, a network infrastructure so flexible in providing various high speed transmissions and services for years, a simple replacement of SFP modules instead of device proves to be a future-proof investment with less operational burden. Redundant power options, improved protection against voltage spikes, high performance chipsets and device lock feature are few of Volktek’s innovative solutions to ensure network devices are always available and services are delivered without any interruptions.
With more than 100,000 Ethernet switches deployed. Volktek’s continuous provision of best networking solutions over the years enabled ISPs to provide a highly available and reliable network to their subscribers, which in turn benefited ISPs greatly in increasing their customer retain rate, satisfaction rate, ARPUs and ultimately succeed in ISP business.


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