Friday, 11 July 2014

Standard of QoS for DAS

Connection/Re-connection/Disconnection of Cable Service : Any person seeking connection or disconnection or shifting of cable service connection or intending to obtain or return set top boxes at a place located within the area of operation of MSO/LCO may submit an application duly signed and complete in all respect to MSO/LCO who will return the duplicate copy of applicant as an acknowledgement of receipt of application. Applicant shall also give a unique identification number.  Every application submitted by the applicant to MSO/LCO shall be acted on immediate (within two days of receipt of application) basis. In case if MSO/LCO finds that in application there is a technical feasibility to perform services demanded by applicant, he is bound to inform applicant within two days about the nature of feasibility.
No MSO/LCO can disconnect the cable service to the subscriber without giving prior notice of at least 15 days to such subscriber indicating the reasons for such disconnection. If the signals to a subscriber is required to be disrupted for facilitating preventive maintenance, the MSO/LCO shall give a prior notice of at least three days to the subscriber .       
Manual Practice : Every MSO/LCO shall publish a Manual of Practice which shall contain the following information about service providers
  • Name, address, term & condition of service
  • Procedural & benchmark for redressal of companies through complaint centre and procedure to approach Nodal officer
  • Instruction for activation and operation of STBs
  • The details of duties and obligations of MSO/LCO and rights and duties of the subscriber as specified in these regulations.
A copy of manual practice shall be provided by the MSO/LCO to every subscriber at the time his subscription of service. The book of Manual Practice should be bi-lingual (Hindi & English) and will be available to every office of service providers.
Protection of Consumers against Change in Subscription package :  A MSO can’t change the composition of subscription package subscribed by the consumer, within the period of six months from the date of enrolment of the subscriber to such subscription package and during the entire period of validity of the subscription package, if the subscription amount has paid in advance by the subscriber.
Time Limit for redressal of complaints of the subscribers : Every MSO/LCO shall adhere to the following time limit for redressal of complaints of the subscribers:
  • All complaints shall be responded to within eight hours of receipt of the complaint, in case MSO/LCO is not eligible to comply with the complaint, he shall communicate such reason to the subscriber at the time of responding his complaint.
  • At least 90 % of all ‘no signal’ complaints received shall be redressed and signal restored within 24 hours of receipts of such complaints.
  • All complaints relating to billing shall be redressed within seven days of receipt of the complaints from the consumer and refund.
In case a consumer is not satisfied with the redressal of his complaints, such consumer can approach to the Nodal officer appointed by MSO/LCO. The Nodal Officer can resolve the complaints of subscribers within ten days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
Billing for Digital Addressable Cable TV :  Every MSO shall offer cable TV services on both pre-paid and post-paid payment options to the subscribers and it is up to subscriber to chose either the pre or post paid option.  Providing usage details of post-paid, every MSO/LCO shall give to every subscriber the bill for the charges due and payable by such subscriber for each month. Every MSO shall give at least 15 days time, from the date of the bill, to every subscriber for making payment of the bill. MSO/LCO shall also issue a proper receipt for every payment mode by the subscriber.Providing usage details of Pre-paid service, every MSO/LCO shall on request from a subscriber who has been provided pre-paid services, supply to such subscriber, at a reasonable cost the information relating to the, itemized usage charges showing actual usage of services.  
Provision related to STBs :  Every MSO/LCO shall provide to the subscriber STB confirming to the Indian Standard set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. If STB given to subscribers by MSO/LCO (before the digitalisation come into force) is not confirming the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards, shall be replaced without any extra charge, within seven days of commencement of the regulations. Every STB provided to subscriber shall have one year warranty and subscriber shall not be required to pay any charges towards repair and maintenance of STB during the period of warranty including visiting charges of the person deployed by the MSO/LCO for repair.

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